Monday, November 16, 2009

More photos and stories coming soon

So it's been 7 months since I've posted on this blogsite. I've been a little busy with another website.

More photos and stories will resume shortly!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot and Naked

It's 88 degrees in our house at 7:18 pm.

The girls are running around the house naked, screaming, "I'm nudey!"

Normally, I would discourage this type of behavior. But tonight, if they are cool, I am cool.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Quick Thinking 3 Year-Old

On Saturday this past weekend we ate dinner at a friends house. Caroline had been playing in their backyard, and was riding a 3-wheeled scooter. She loved the thing.

Today in the car, Caroline asked the following to me and Terri:

Caroline: "Mommy?"

Terri: "Yes?"

Caroline: "Can I have a scooter?"

David: "I don't know, Caroline. Those are pretty expensive."

Caroline: "Well . . . (pausing to think). I think I saw one at Target."

David: "Really? How much did it cost?"

Caroline: "Ummm, about five dollars."

Later that same day, as we drove to dinner, Caroline brought up the subject again:

Caroline: "Mommy, I saw a scooter at Target. It was only three dollars."

Terri: "Three dollars? I thought you said you saw it for five dollars?"

Caroline (not pausing to think AT ALL): "No, the pink one was five dollars, but I saw a RED one for only three dollars."

I'm torn between being very, very proud of Caroline's analytical skills and quick-thinking, and very, very frightened of her ability to manipulate us!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No More Nap Time

So the girls are slowly but surely starting to drop their afternoon naps.

Some days the girls are fine without the nap.

Other days, this happens during dinner:

Too tired to eat.