Thursday, April 26, 2007

Belated Easter Egg Hunting Photos

I figure any event less than a month ago is still fair game for a blog post, so here are some belated Easter Egg hunting photos of the girls.

The girls LOVED looking for Easter Eggs this year. We took them to a local nursery where they hunted for eggs among the plants. However, we forgot our camera, so we don't have any photos.

On Easter Saturday, we took the girls to our Church for an Easter Egg hunt in the parking lot. The girls had a great time. They actually "got it" this year, scooping up eggs and placing them in their basket. Caroline got bored after putting about six eggs in her bucket, and proceeded to stop and try to open each egg. Katherine, on the other hand, really raked in the loot, and didn't stop until her bucket was full!

And "yes", we were too cheap to spring for an Easter basket for Caroline, so she is carrying her Halloween bucket with spiders on it . . .

Caroline with egg and bucket.
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Katherine having a great time with Mommy.
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After the Easter Egg hunt, we took the girls to the local playground and took these action shots:

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You can tell I'm going fast because the wind is blowing my hair back . . .
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Parent Humor

This comic strip is so RIGHT ON -- that Elmo has completely overshadowed Grover.

Baby Blues
by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott

Friday, April 13, 2007

Growing Up TOO Darned Fast

This morning when I brought the girls to day care, they were short a few teachers, so I dropped the girls off in the "preschool room" as opposed to the "toddler room".

The girls LOVE the preschool room. First, it's much bigger, with more toys. Also, the preschoolers are really great with the girls, and the girls love hanging out with the "big girls".

When the girls noticed me wheeling them down the long hallway between the toddler room and the preschool room, they audibly squealed with delight. And once we actually got into the preschool room, the couldn't unbuckle themselves from the stroller fast enough.

As soon as I set them on the ground, they ran off to climb the big wooden blocks.

No hug goodbye for Daddy.

No kiss goodbye for Daddy.

No running and crying after Daddy as I backed out of the room.

I have been replaced by the preschool room.

My girls are growing up WAY too fast.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Vigilante Justice - Twin Style

It is a constant source of amusement to me how the girls help me enforce the rules against their sibling.

The biggest taboo in our house are the electrical outlets. For some unfortunate reason, the girls took a curious interest to them from the time they could walk, and so I've been very tough about yelling "No" and being very stern when they start to reach their little finger towards the sockets (even though they are obviously covered with safety plugs).

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for work, the girls were standing behind me as I stood in the bathroom brushing my teeth. From the mirror, I could see Katherine reach out for the electrical socket in the wall . . .

Before I could turn around however, Caroline yelled, "Don't!" and hit Katherine twice on the head. Then, for good measure, Caroline pushed Katherine away from the electrical outlet, dropping Katherine on her behind.

Now I don't condone hitting, so I know I should have said something to Caroline. But I was too busy trying not to have toothpaste come out of my nose from laughing so hard.

See any resemblance?

"You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do 'ya, punk?"
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Monday, April 02, 2007

Multiple on Multiples

I will never complain about how hard it is to raise twins again.

(Or at least not for the next week. Or maybe just until bath time tonight.)

On Saturday our friends who had triplets came by our house for dinner.

You heard me: triplets.

They are about 4 months old, and very well-behaved.

Still, there are three of them. Add that to our two girls running around the house, and you had chaos.

Seriously, the babies outnumbered the adults 5-4. Add to the fact that our friends visited while UCLA was playing the in the Final Four, and it was more like 5-3, because I spent most of the time yelling at the television and ignoring the kids (UCLA lost by ten to Florida. Go Ohio State!).

The greatest comment of the night was from my friend John, who, while holding two babies in each arm while his wife held the third, stated in all seriousness, "Man, I just heard of a local family who had four babies. I don't know how they do it!"

After our friends left, the sound of my two girls running around the house actually sounded quiet.