Monday, August 16, 2021

Watch out Red Lobster!

This past summer we took a short and sweet trip up to Tahoe to close out our summer.  We met Nginngin and Yehyeh and Auntie Suzie and Uncle Bentley Au up there as well.  Although it was a bit smoky because of the fires, we managed to get out to the beach for one day and Harrison caught a cray fish/crawdad/mini lobster in the crayfish trap with our left over fried chicken bones.  The cray fish was a tiny dude but Harrison asked to bring it home and eat it.  After Yehyeh\"s extravagant steaks for dinner, he boiled Harrison\"s one-clawed cray fish, topped it with some garlic butter, and even plated it with a little flair! I peeled it for Harrison and he got to eat all of the one-bite of meat that tiny tail held.  Harrison gave it a 10/10 and seemed pretty happy.  Red Lobster could never compete with us!!

2021 Update - Reviving this blog!

Caroline here!  I have decided to try to revive this blog.  Katherine and I just started our Junior year at Hillsdale High but I know we only have about 2 years left before we leave for college so I want to save some memories.  That said, I don\"t know if I\"ll be able to match Dad\"s wit and humorous posts from when we were young.  Wish me luck ;)  Here's a picture from a recent-ish trip to the zoo with the whole family and a simply irresistible photo-op with the gorilla.