Friday, July 17, 2015

Die, Daddy! Die!!!

Not to worry, Harrison is NOT a murdering psychopath.

Like many kids learning to talk, Harrison has trouble pronouncing certain sounds.

The "B" sound has been particularly troubling for him.

This has resulted in the humorous yet awkward situation where when Harrison says "Bye" to you, it comes out sounding like, "DIE".

To compound the awkwardness, Harrison LOVES to say "Bye" to people.

He will run to our front window and yell out the open window "DIE!" to me, Terri, the girls --- whoever happens to be leaving our house.

If you are at the mall and you are walking into the Apple Store while he is heading to Build-A-Bear, he will cheerfully scream "DIE!" to you as you walk off.

So if you come to our house or get a phone call from Harrison, do not be alarmed if he tells you to "DIE!"

He's not saying what you think he's saying!

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