Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Fight Bad Guy!" and Fashion 101

Harrison is not the first 3 year-old to discover the joy of playing "Good Guy v. Bad Guy".  The majority of his time is spent playing "Good Guy, Bad Guy" and running around with pretend swords and guns, while throwing various kung-fu moves and making attacking noises.

But over the past two weeks, he's taken his fight versus the good and evil into the fashion world.  Harrison will now only wear selected shirts that, as he describes them, "fights bad guys."

That means his Mickey Mouse shirts are out.  (Who knew?  I thought Mickey would fight bad guys.)

Plain color shirts?  Forget it.

In fact, there are currently only three shirts in his drawer that "fight bad buys."  They are:  A Los Angeles Kings t-shirt with a cartoon hockey player on it, a power rangers shirt ( a hand-me down from the thrift shop), and this one:

As you can see, Harrison takes his bad guy fighting seriously, and he looks great doing it!

Click on any photo for a larger view.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Little People

Harrison loves to play with Little People.  What kid doesn't?  

He inherited quite an impressive set from his sisters, but he really likes to play with one figure in particular, who he calls his "Wheew, Wheew!"  That's his sound of a fire engine, and of course, his favorite figure is the firefighter: 

Of course, you can't have a hero without a villian.  And of the dozens of Little People figures that he has in the collection, this is who Harrison chose to be the "Bad Guy":  

I mean, it makes sense, right?  Clowns are scary!   

Saturday, January 02, 2016


Harrison continues to learn works at an incredible clip.  One of his favorite words right now is "happy."

Watching a TV show with us, he will announce, "I happy!"  

Eating dinner, "I happy!"

Playing a game with his sisters, "I happy?"

Harrison even uses the word to check in on our state of mind:  "Daddy happy?"  "Day-Day happy?"

("Day-Day" is the Chinese word for "sister," which is what he calls both Katherine and Caroline. 

With Harrison around, we sure are one "Happy" familly!  

Friday, January 01, 2016

Review of 2015

  It can't really be the end of 2015!!  Although it's going to be a new year I really can't believe 2015 is over.  We did a lot this past year. 
         In March, the girls did their school play of the Gold Rush. The play was called Gold Dust or Bust!!
              This spring break we went to Orlando, Florida.  Nginngin and Yehyeh came with us although Nginngin had just gotten back from a ten day trip in Cuba the day before, so she was tired a lot.  Caroline and Katherine got to experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Universal studios down in Orlando, and the famous Walt Disney World!!  
                In July, Harrison ( now three years old ) started preschool at our the girls' old preschool with Ms. Grace.  Harrison comes home daily with many stories about bad guys, good guys, and other things about pewpewing!! 
          We also went to San Clemente for the Lim family vacation. Daddy and Caroling went on a half day fishing boat and Yehyeh caught a yellow tail! Caroline caught a good sized bonita, Daddy caught a bonita as well, and Mommy, Harrison, and Katherine stayed home due to sea sickness!! We went to the beach or the pool almost every day. We were also lucky enough to get a  trip to lego land while we were down there.
               Caroline also joined AYSO ( American Youth Soccer Organization ), for the first time and her team made it very far!! Her team was undefeated the entire regular season in San Mateo and they won the championship.  They then went to play cities nearbye like Foster City, Redwood City, and Belmont. The made it through that tournament undefeated as well! They won the championship again!! Finally, they went on to play places farther away. Fortunately, the tournament was hosted right there in Foster city, the neighboring city of San Mateo.  Unfortunately, they tied against San Bruno then lost against South Lake Tahoe in the Semi-finals.  Still, Caroline's team enjoyed going on to many tournaments.  Caroline also got lucky and got invited to the winter select team.  Out of 26 teams of girls in San Mateo only about 10 make it to the winter select team.  You must get invited then you have to try out. Each team was about 9 girls.  Caroline was very lucky because it was, again, her first year. 
              Monkeyson remained being loved by Caroline, and he also had a very good year.  He traveled every where with Caroline.  He also loved Caroline just as much as Caroline loved him!!
                Katherine remained doing swim team and advanced to silver shortly after Caroline and our friend China.  
                 Katherine and Caroline also started fifth grade wich meant that they started doing instruments in school. Katherine is one of the two girls that chose trumpet as their instrument.  Caroline chose to join a couple of other friends in choir. 
                  Mommy had a busy time of just taking care of all the kids.  
                  Daddy remains busy with his city counsil and as of last year he was vice mayor.  
                   Mommy and Daddy remain with their jobs as pharmacist and prosecuter.
                   Within the last month we've been having rain!! Finally!! Lots of snow up in Tahoe was also accounted for.  If this keeps up all winter we should make quite and impact on this long lasting and severe drought. We'll keep our fingers crossed!!
                   This year the new Star Wars #7 : The Force Awakens, came out Daddy, Caroline, and Katherine went to go see it in 3D.  They got cool BB8 glasses as souviniers too. 
                   Also last night we had our big New Years Eve party.  It was lots of fun especially when Caroline hooked up the wii!!   Katherine had some of our friends, Anika and Andi, over and Caroline had some of her soccer friends, Athena and Maddie, over for the big celebration!! 
              Overall it's been a great 2015 for the Lim family.  
               Finally, like I said it's been a very quick 2015 for us... Quick but busy!! Every body is still in perfect health and everybody is still on there toes!! 
               Luckily this coming 2016 is going to be year of the monkey so this should mean luck!!:) 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mickey Backpack for the 3rd Child

One of Harrison's favorite items in his life right now is his "Mickey backpack."  He takes it EVERYWHERE.  To the library, to preschool, on trips.  He fills it with his favorite books, stuffed animals, and assorted toys.

Here's a photo of the "Mickey backpack":  

Notice anything unusual about Mickey? 

Yep.  It's not Mickey.  It's Minnie Mouse.  

Quite obviously Minnie Mouse.  

This is what I like to call "3rd Child Immagination."  

You see, like all good 3rd children, Harrison gets a lot of hand-me-downs.  

(Okay, just about everything he gets is a hand-me-down.) 

And in this case, Harrison was invited to pick a backpack out of a box containing backpacks previously used by his sisters. 

He immediately gravitated to this backpack.  But from day one, he called it his "Mickey backpack."  Even though he watches "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and clearly knows the difference between Mickey and Minnie, he insists on calling this his "Mickey backpack!"  

That is "3rd Child Immagination" hard at work.  "Of course we bought this Mickey backpack just for you, kid!"  Dream on 3rd child, dream on!  

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Beautiful Game

Soccer is often referred to as "The Beautiful Game."  And this Fall, the Beautiful Game gave a lot of joy to the Lim household.

This summer, after taking in the U.S. Women's National Team friendly against Ireland down in San Jose, Caroline expressed a desire to play soccer. 

Not ever have played soccer, I immediately researched the myriad soccer leagues in the Bay Area, and signed Caroline up for AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organziation).  

To say Caroline had a good time is an understatement.  

Turns out she is pretty good at soccer, and she ended up on a team of sweet girls who all got along well together.  And they all played some pretty good soccer along the way.  Or as we call it now, "Football."  

Caroline's team ended up going undefeated (10-0) in the U10 girls division for San Mateo.  

They then won the league tournament (4-0) and qualififed for the Area Tournament against seven other cities. 

In the Area Tournament, they advanced to the finals where they upset a very strong Redwood City team, 2-0! 

They then advanced to the Section Tournament against seven other teams from the greater Northern California Area.  They lost in the semi's to South Lake Tahoe 1-0, but bounced back to win the consolation game against Prunedale (Monterey County), 3-0 to take thirld place. 

More importantly, Caroline made great new friends, and developed what I hope will be a lifelong love of football!  

Fall soccer has now given way to Winter soccer, as Caroline tried out for and was selected to the AYSO Winter Team, which is quite a feather in her cap for a first-year player!  

Congrats to Caroline! 

Do You Like My Hat? Nope.

One of the joys of having a toddler is to watch for those magic moments.  

First steps.  First words.  You get the idea. 

Often overlooked but no less exciting is that magic moment of -- First Book. 

By "First Book" I mean that moment where a child takes ownership of their first book that they REALLY, REALLY LIKE.  I mean they will have you read that thing to them a hundred times, then one more time just for good measure. 

They will memorize that book until they believe they ARE reading it.  

Dozens of new words get learned through the magic of this "First Book." 

For Harrison, that moment arrived two weeks ago, with the discovery of "Go Dog.  Go!" 

Harrison LOVES this book.  He giggles at the sight of "Big dogs going up."  (The roller coaster)

He loves the photo of the angry dog umpire.  

Best of all, he like the "Hello!  Do you like my hat?"   In the book, the other dog answers, "No.  I do not like that hat."  But Harrison loves to answer with a short, crisp, "Nope".   He also loves to drawl out the "Hello!" into a nice long "Helloooo!"  

Of course, the thrilling ending of the book is the all exciting DOG PARTY at the top of the tree.  Harrison enjoys laughing and pointing at all the dogs at the dog party, and will sit at the end of the book pointing out the yellow dog, blue dog, green dog, etc. and laughing at their antics. 

The First Book is magical.  And Harrison has his First Book! 

After all, who doesn't love a good Dog Party?