Monday, October 31, 2005


Katherine and Caroline's First Halloween

The girls celebrated their first Halloween this evening with visits to five houses around the block -- just old family friends who wanted to see the girls in their costumes.

Caroline (Cat) and Katherine (Peapod)

Caroline was dressed as a cat. She was a bit fussy at first, but settled down and napped in the stroller while we went around the block.

Katherine was dressed as a peapod (thanks to workmate Mechelle Corriero, and her husband Tim for lending us such a great newborn costume!). Katherine loves to go out -- she was awake and looking around the whole time.

Caroline (Cat) and Katherine (Peapod)

We spent about 30 minutes touring the neighborhood. It was perfect weather, not too cold. Next year should be even more fun, when the girls will actually be able to (maybe) walk a little bit.

Happy Halloween!!

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The Girls with Mom

The Girls with Dad

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Katherine's First Laugh

On Tuesday, we had one of those "firsts" that we'd heard about from other parents, but it was still a lot of fun when it happened.

Katherine showed us her first laugh!

It started innocently enough.

I was changing Katherine's diaper. She stuck her tongue out at me -- which is not uncommon.

I stuck my tongue out back at her -- which is also not uncommon.

I then blew a raspberry at Katherine.

She smiled.

But then - Lo! and behold! Then she laughed.

Her first laugh.

I blew lots more raspberries at Katherine.

She laughed lots more.

As any good father would do, I took these photos.

Katherine Laughing for Daddy

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dandruff & Olive Oil

Ready for bath time

One of the interesting things about being a new parent is the number of unique and creative remedies people have suggested to us for every real -- and imagined -- issue facing our little girls.

We are learning that, like most things in life, common sense (and your doctor's blessing) is often the best rule when it comes to following this advice.


For instance, our babies have "cradle cap". Cradle cap is described by as: "an oily, yellow scaling or crusting on a baby's scalp. It is common in babies and is easily treated."

When I first saw all the dry, flaky skin on Katherine, and then Caroline, I remarked, "Hey! Our babies have dandruff!"

Terri replied, "That's cradle cap."

"Cradle cap? It doesn't look like a cap. They have dandruff," was my reply.

"No," said Terri. "It's cradle cap. We need to ask the doctor next time we see her how we should treat it."

Not being a baby expert, Terri's remarks made a lot of sense. Who was I to know dandruff from cradle cap?

So the next time we saw our doctor, we mentioned the cradle cap.

"It's very common," said our doctor.

But still I braced myself for the worst. Would my kids need a shot? Some expensive, prescription medication?

"You can treat this at home," said our doctor. "Rub a little Olive Oil into the scalp five minutes before bath time. Then gently massage the scalp, and the cradle cap will rub right off. Then shampoo with "'Head & Shoulders'" shampoo. The cradle cap should be gone in a few weeks.

"Head & Shoulders?" I thought. "Excuse me doctor, but isn't that used to treat dandruff?" I asked.

"Yes," said our doctor. "It wonderfully mild for babies."

Now, I'm not saying I'm as smart as a medical doctor. But I do get some satisfaction in calling cradle cap for what it was from day one -- DANDRUFF!


Caroline's "Fonzie" Look

I have to admit I get a lot of joy out of the olive oil treatments.

For one, the babies look like little greaser kids from the 1950's. If they had a leather jacket and some blue jeans, they could date "Fonzie"!

Second, there is something theraputic about scraping flaky, dry skin off your babies heads! You can see the results right away, and so I guess I like the instant gratification of knowing I am helping my babies in some small way.

Katherine does not enjoy the olive oil as much.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Early Morning Wake Up Calls

If you don't have kids, and can't fathom what a late-night wake up call from a newborn sounds like, Katherine and Caroline are pleased to share their "hungry" wake-up calls. Click on the links below:

this is an audio post - click to play

Katherine's Wake Up Call!

this is an audio post - click to play

Caroline's Wake Up Call!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


You know you're a parent when one of your babies lays a HUGE fart in the middle of the store, and you don't even bother to try and tell the people who whip their heads around that it wasn't you, it was the BABY.

Who cut the cheese?
(Caroline in her favorite chair at eight weeks)

Friday, October 07, 2005


Shots? No problem!
(Katherine at 9 weeks)

The girls had their two month doctor's appointment today -- and they are looking good!

Katherine is up to 10 pounds, 3 ounces.

Caroline is now 9 pounds exactly.

The girls also had their first round of immunizations shots. Four shots each -- two in each thigh.

Katherine and Caroline took the shots very well. The parents cried more than the kids!

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