Monday, October 31, 2005


Katherine and Caroline's First Halloween

The girls celebrated their first Halloween this evening with visits to five houses around the block -- just old family friends who wanted to see the girls in their costumes.

Caroline (Cat) and Katherine (Peapod)

Caroline was dressed as a cat. She was a bit fussy at first, but settled down and napped in the stroller while we went around the block.

Katherine was dressed as a peapod (thanks to workmate Mechelle Corriero, and her husband Tim for lending us such a great newborn costume!). Katherine loves to go out -- she was awake and looking around the whole time.

Caroline (Cat) and Katherine (Peapod)

We spent about 30 minutes touring the neighborhood. It was perfect weather, not too cold. Next year should be even more fun, when the girls will actually be able to (maybe) walk a little bit.

Happy Halloween!!

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The Girls with Mom

The Girls with Dad

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