Monday, March 09, 2009

Quick Thinking 3 Year-Old

On Saturday this past weekend we ate dinner at a friends house. Caroline had been playing in their backyard, and was riding a 3-wheeled scooter. She loved the thing.

Today in the car, Caroline asked the following to me and Terri:

Caroline: "Mommy?"

Terri: "Yes?"

Caroline: "Can I have a scooter?"

David: "I don't know, Caroline. Those are pretty expensive."

Caroline: "Well . . . (pausing to think). I think I saw one at Target."

David: "Really? How much did it cost?"

Caroline: "Ummm, about five dollars."

Later that same day, as we drove to dinner, Caroline brought up the subject again:

Caroline: "Mommy, I saw a scooter at Target. It was only three dollars."

Terri: "Three dollars? I thought you said you saw it for five dollars?"

Caroline (not pausing to think AT ALL): "No, the pink one was five dollars, but I saw a RED one for only three dollars."

I'm torn between being very, very proud of Caroline's analytical skills and quick-thinking, and very, very frightened of her ability to manipulate us!