Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Fight Bad Guy!" and Fashion 101

Harrison is not the first 3 year-old to discover the joy of playing "Good Guy v. Bad Guy".  The majority of his time is spent playing "Good Guy, Bad Guy" and running around with pretend swords and guns, while throwing various kung-fu moves and making attacking noises.

But over the past two weeks, he's taken his fight versus the good and evil into the fashion world.  Harrison will now only wear selected shirts that, as he describes them, "fights bad guys."

That means his Mickey Mouse shirts are out.  (Who knew?  I thought Mickey would fight bad guys.)

Plain color shirts?  Forget it.

In fact, there are currently only three shirts in his drawer that "fight bad buys."  They are:  A Los Angeles Kings t-shirt with a cartoon hockey player on it, a power rangers shirt ( a hand-me down from the thrift shop), and this one:

As you can see, Harrison takes his bad guy fighting seriously, and he looks great doing it!

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