Friday, April 13, 2007

Growing Up TOO Darned Fast

This morning when I brought the girls to day care, they were short a few teachers, so I dropped the girls off in the "preschool room" as opposed to the "toddler room".

The girls LOVE the preschool room. First, it's much bigger, with more toys. Also, the preschoolers are really great with the girls, and the girls love hanging out with the "big girls".

When the girls noticed me wheeling them down the long hallway between the toddler room and the preschool room, they audibly squealed with delight. And once we actually got into the preschool room, the couldn't unbuckle themselves from the stroller fast enough.

As soon as I set them on the ground, they ran off to climb the big wooden blocks.

No hug goodbye for Daddy.

No kiss goodbye for Daddy.

No running and crying after Daddy as I backed out of the room.

I have been replaced by the preschool room.

My girls are growing up WAY too fast.

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Amy75 said...

Ahhhh. Your story reads like a Hallmark card! I can see them leaving to college now ; ( Hang in there!