Friday, September 02, 2005

You think you know . . . but you don't!

Just when we think we've got this parent thing figured out, one of the girls will do something to prove just how much we don't know.


Earlier this week, Caroline would NOT got to bed between 10 PM and 1 AM. I volunteered to stay up with her while Terri slept.

Up to this point, I had been pretty successful in getting Caroline to settle down. Usually, she would wimper for a few minutes, but I had figured out various songs, walks, etc. that would calm her down.

Or so I thought.

On this night, Caroline would scream bloody murder if you put here down even for a moment. Not at all her normal self.

Nothing calmed her down -- feeding, diaper change, swaddling, singing, dancing, bouncy chair, swing chair -- nothing.

All the tricks I had learned over the last month were suddenly worthless!

I continued to held her and rocked her, but she would not fall asleep.

What's wrong?

By 1:00 AM, I was considering whether I should call a doctor to find out if something was seriously wrong with Caroline.

Right at about that time, I hear it: FAAAARRRRRTTT!!

An explosive bowel movement from my little girl. Out both legs of the diaper, up her back, onto her clothing -- it was everywhere!

Who knows how long the poor girl was holding it in? It must have made Caroline miserable to have to poop and not know how to let it all out, or to tell someone that's what's bothering you.

Sure enough, that did the trick. Within 15 minutes, Caroline was changed, wolfed down a whole bottle, and passed out within 5 minutes.

The lesson learned: Just when you think you've got this parenting thing figured out, the girls remind you . . . you don't!

It's great to be parents of twins!

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Amy said...

My twins (boy/girl) are exactly 2 months older than yours (June 3rd). Your girls are precious. You have fought half the battle when you realize that this situation is something you cannot control and that parenting is a job that changes day to day. I laughed out loud at Caroline's poop story--only because I can so clearly relate!