Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rocky VI

Rocky VI is being filmed at our house. This is the Rocky episode where he has twins and the twins learn to push each other around.

You see, the girls have learned to climb. Into everything. And they are not shy about pushing their sister out of their way when necessasry.

Laundry basket? In they go. Then out. Then back in. Then out. Then back in.

Stepping on each other's arms. Someone cries. The other pushes back. The basket tips over. Now both are crying.

Caroline & Katherine's Version of a Wrestling Pit
(click on photo for larger view)

They have a little red wagon used to hold baby building blocks. They dumped the blocks out of the wagon last week.

In they go. Then out. Then back in. Then someone raises the arm of the wagon, which hits the other in the head. Crying. Then back out of the wagon. Then back in. Then someone tries to sit on the other's arm. More crying. Pushing. The wagon tips over. Now both are crying.

A brief moment of bliss in the wagon before it tips over.
(click on photo for larger view)

If they are not climbing, they are still fighting. At night, after baths, the girls have gotten into a good habit of getting books off their bookshelf and coming into our laps to read.

Problem is, if one sees the other in Mommy or Daddy's lap, they have to also sit in that lap. Never mind that the other parent's lap is vacant. They have to have what their sister has.

Thus, if Daddy is reading to Katherine, here comes Caroline.

The one NOT occupying the parent's lap will simply climb in, as if her sister does not exist.

There is pushing. There is pulling. Someone swings a book. Daddy blocks it with his arm. Someone else swings a book. Daddy blocks it with his nose. Someone gets pushed off the lap and onto their face. There is crying. Stern rebuke by Daddy to the one who did the pushing. Now both are crying -- one because she is face down on the carpet, the other because she has been rebuked by Daddy.

The "expert" books say this is a phase that the girls will grow out of. I hope it happens soon. At this rate, I'm thinking of selling tickets to "Fight Night at the Lims."

* Note: Don't be fooled by the photos above, which show happy, non-fighting girls. You think we have time to take photos while they are fighting? No, we only get photos when they are happy and cute. Don't let these angelic photos fool you: they fight just as much as any other siblings!

** Note #2: Please realize the semi-humorous tone of this blog. They don't really fight that much. In fact, they play together quite a bit. But compared to even a month ago where they hardly ever hit each other, they current feuding is quite an escalation.


Amy said...

Totally feeling you on this post.

Mine are fighting more than ever. And the lap thing? Happening here, too.

We'll live through this!

Amy75 said...

I love that they are picking out books to have you read to them. That is so cute! It is so interesting to hear about the different stages in their lives. I used to fight with my older sister all the time, but she was one of my best friends growing up. Just as I'm sure your girls are and will continue to be :) Miss you!