Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crossover Marketing Really Does Work

As the girls begin to get "older" (i.e., 16 months), they are become more and more familiar with that centerpiece of American family life -- the television.

Whereas before the girls might stop and look up at the T.V. screen only if a particularly catchy song started playing, now the girls will spend a few minutes watching T.V. if something catches their eyes.

And the girls are living proof that crossover marketing really does work.

Case in point. This is currently the girls' favorite book:

The girls will read this book umpteen times a day, and they love to point to the little Bernstein Bear in the book and call him "Duh-bee" (whatever that means, that's what they call him).

So yesterday, the girls are in our bedroom, playing with the TV remote, and they change the channel to --- the Bernstein Bears Cartoon Show.

I had no idea there was a Bernstein Bears Cartoon Show to go along with the books. For that matter, I have no idea whether the books came first, of if the television show came first.

All I know is that my girls somehow figured out that there is this cartoon on T.V. that resembles their favorite book.

They walked real close to the T.V., and started shouting, "Duh-bee! Duh-bee!" at the Bernstein Bears dancing across the screen.

If this keeps up, I'm thinking I'll have to buy the girls a new Bernstein Bears book:

I wonder if the book has a subtitle, "Too Much TV (Unless you're watching our show)"?

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