Sunday, May 13, 2007

Drama Queens

Not even two years old yet, and already the girls are budding drama stars.

Here's how it all went down at the Lim Household tonight.

Mommy is taking a shower, and Daddy is watching the NBA playoffs with the girls.

Suddenly, Caroline screams out. Daddy looks down, and Katherine is biting Caroline's finger (We've had a full-on biting epidemic in the past week -- hopefully it will be a short-lived phase).

After Daddy gets Katherine to unhinge her jaw off Caroline's finger, Daddy checks the finger (no blood, just tiny bite marks, thank goodness).

Daddy gives a stern talking to Katherine that goes something like this: "Katherine, no biting! No! Daddy is very disappointed in you! Daddy does not like biting. No biting your sister."

Katherine just looks at me. No crying. No laughing. Just looks me in the eye and takes her lecture calmly.

At my request, Katherine gives a lukewarm hug and kiss to her sister at my request. Caroline, still crying bloody murder, take the opportunity to repeat my lecture through her sobs, "No! No bite! NO!"

I get Caroline an "ow-y" ice pack for her finger. Katherine follows us into the kitchen, and asks for some ice to play with, too.

I tell Katherine, "No ice for you. No biting your sister. No ice."

Katherine just looks up at me, then walks to the cabinet where her school lunch bags are kept.

She grabs all four lunch bags in the cabinet, heads to the door leading to our garage, looks over at me, and states, "Bye-bye, Daddy!"

JEEZ!! -- I thought I had until at least five years old for the "I'm running away from home" bit!!!

(Unfortunately for Katherine, the bluff of running away from home works better if you are actually able to unlock and open a door.)


The dramatics was not confined to Katherine, however.

Twenty minutes after the biting incident, Caroline, Katherine and I are all sitting on the couch once more, drinking milk from our sippy cups.

(Okay, I'm drinking water, but you get the idea).

Caroline hasn't cried for over 15 minutes.

Until . . . .

Mommy comes out of the bedroom from her shower.

Suddenly, Caroline is screaming "Owwwwwiiieeeee!" at the top of her lungs, holding up her injured finger for Mommy to see.

I tell Caronline, "Oh, you're just faking so Mommy will pick you up."

Caroline, from the safe cradle of Mommy's arm, shoots me a look that I swear says, "Quiet, you. It was because you were watching the stupid TV that I got bit on the finger in the first place!"

About 20 minutes later, Mommy is busy getting things ready for bed, and Caroline decides she wants some more attention.

She runs up to Mommy holding up her finger, screaming, "Owwwwwwieee!"

This time, however, Mommy is onto the scam.

"Caroline, you're holding up the wrong finger. You got bit on your right finger. That's your left finger."

At that point Caroline at least had the dignity to put her hand down and walk away!


Here are some photos of our girls from earlier in the day, before all the drama. We got this playhouse free from another family whose kids have outgrown it:

Katherine in the new playhouse.
(Click on photo for larger view)

Caroline checking out the windows.
(Click on photo for larger view)

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Amy75 said...

I love the playhouse! Next time Katherine "runs away" she can go there ; ) It's fun to hear about how the girls are growing up and their personalities and how smart and manipulative they can be! Love it!