Sunday, June 24, 2007

Relaxing Summer Weekends

In honor of the first official summer weekend, we took the girls to their first swimming lesson at the local park.

Here are the girls in their new swimsuits:

Ready to learn to swim.
(Click on photo for larger view)

No photos at the pool. Too many safety issues / crying / screaming around the pool. Maybe next week.

This weekend we also had a moon rise early in the evening, giving the girls a chance to "talk" to the moon. It's something they've been doing for the past few weeks. Whenever they see the moon, they'll cry out, "Hi, Moon!" I'm not even sure where they learned what the moon is.

Here is the moon from our living room, plus the girls sharing a laughing moment on the reclining chair:

The moon over the Lim House.
(Click on photo for larger view)

Katherine & Caroline enjoying a laughing moment together.
(Click on photo for larger view)


Amy75 said...

They are so cute. I can imagine their little voices talking to the moon. And I love their little bob haircuts. So cute and very stylish. It seems they have a very typical sibling relationship. Biting one moment, and laughing and sharing secrets the next.

ladypuppy said...

Hello, got here from Savage Stories. Have the girls ever watched "Bear in the Big Blue House?" Used to be on Disney all the time several years ago, I'm not sure if it's still popular or even on anymore, but Bear ended every show with talking about his day with Luna, the Moon, and saying good night. Could be that if they've seen reruns or a video.