Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer Vacation

Just got back from a weeklong vacation in San Diego with the extended family -- my sisters, parents, and all of the girls' cousins. Photos to follow sometime this week, but for now, here are the highlights:
  • We went to the San Diego Zoo, and the girls' favorite animal to view was a California Raccoon. You heard me, a friggin' RACCOON. If you've followed this site, you will recognize the irony of this situation.
  • Katherine threw up on the plane ride home. Like any good parent, I deftly caught the vomit in my hands, conveniently forgetting about the handy barf bags tucked into the seat pocket in front of me.
  • We flew back home early this morning. The girls passed out this evening around 5:30 pm. Vacations are exhausting!


Parent415 said...

I assume the raccoon was in a cage? A locked cage? Behind bars? With no possible means of escape? I think I understand why Caroline and Katherine liked it so much...

Marine Wife said...

Now THAT is a good daddy!