Sunday, February 24, 2008

Throwing Away $$ At the Food Court

Today is a rainy, windy day, so after church I took the girls to the local mall to run around.

The girls love to eat at the food court, so after checking out the patio furniture at Sears (much more entertaining for the girls than toys!), we headed over to the food court.

Feeding the girls has become so much easier now that they are 2 1/2 years old. No more packing bowls, utensils, or special cups. They can sit in adult chairs and eat with paper plates, plastic utensils, and love love love to have their own "adult" cups of water.

Today I ordered a Hot Dog On a Stick for Katherine, and a chicken burrito for myself and Caroline to share.

Katherine promptly gnawed about three bites of cornbread off the hot dog on a stick before proclaiming, "I don't like it." Katherine then proceeded to eat 1/2 of my burrito, but only the tortilla. Caroline picked apart her 1/4 of the burrito to eat all the black beans and tortilla, and left the rice, chicken, and cheese in small heaps on her paper plate.

The Hot Dog On a Stick cost me $2.75. The burrito set me back another $5.99, of which I ate 1/2. For about $1.00 I could have fed the girls a can of black beans and Mission brand tortillas from home!

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Parent415 said...

I think we were at the same mall!! We got the boys chicken nuggets and french fries. Because, you know, we figured they don't have enough salt and trans fat in their diets. Archie ate most of the fries, then decided it was all about the ketchup and just started eating that. Now where do I apply to be mother of the year??