Friday, May 30, 2008

The Magic of Sisterhood

The girls have been in their own beds for a while now, but still have needed one of the parents to stay in the room until they fall asleep.

Until tonight. As I write, the girls are alone in their room, talking to one another . . . quietly.

They let Daddy leave the room while they held their books. They've been talking quietly together for the past five minutes, but they have not cried for us or gotten out of bed.

Five minutes later. They are asleep!

When I think about how many more wonderful nights they are going to have talking sister-to-sister before they drift off to sleep, it makes me smile.

Plus, now I can watch Sportscenter!

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Anonymous said...

I love nite nite time , I love my boys but I am oh so happy when nite nite time rolls around , of course then my husband and I stay up to late to enjoy all the alone time,lol ---Johneechimpo