Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Take My Macaroni!

Two nights ago, Caroline started crying and screaming. I went into her room, and she was sitting up in bed, eyes closed, screaming, "Don't take my macaroni!"

When I tried to pick her up to sooth her, she began hitting me (eyes still closed), crying, "I want my macaroni! I want my macaroni!"

There were three interesting observations I made even though it was 3 a.m.:
  • Caroline LOVES to eat. Even though she is smaller than Katherine, she packs down her food at almost every meal. That evening for dinner, she had polished off a big bowl of Kraft mac 'n cheese, so I wasn't convinced she was hungry.
  • During waking hours, Caroline never refers to it as "macaroni". We all refer to it as "mac 'n cheese".
  • For bedtime, Caroline had read the book, "Yankee Doodle", which of course, uses the word "macaroni".

So even though I was fairly certain Caroline was not talking about mac 'n cheese, we nonetheless heated up a bowl of mac 'n cheese. Caroline ate one bite, then promptly climbed back into bed and fell asleep. I'm not sure she ever fully woke up.

I guess we'll never know, but I wonder what Caroline was dreaming about. Yankee Doodle? A big bowl of mac 'n cheese? Daddy witholding food from her? It's a mystery!


Amy said...

Baylee went through a brief (1.5months, maybe) of doing this...waking in the night, saying things that meant no sense, and screaming and arching her back--all while not really being awake at all. I basically had to wake her up for her to calm down and go right back to sleep. The doctor called them night terrors. She hasn't done it at all in months (knocking on wood).

David Lim said...

Unfortunately, it runs in the family. I was a big nightmare/sleepwalker growing up.