Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things Kids Say

Last weekend I went into Radio Shack to buy a watch battery. The girls came in the store with me.

The store was empty, and quiet.

The man working at the register was a "bit" large.

The girls looked at him, turned to me, and shouted, "He's gonna have a baby!"

I was shocked that he still sold me the battery.


Mir said...

LOL. Very funny. We have some "bit large" family and I was preemptive and taught our children "plump" and "lean". Now, my oldest will burst out in public with "That is a really plump man!!" I'm hoping that they're so not used to hearing the word that it doesn't register like the word "fat" would.

Just be sure you teach them to NOT say that to ANY woman, EVER. LOL. :-)

David Lim said...

Yes, thank goodness they said it to a man, and not a woman. Most men I don't think would care too much, at least this guy didn't seem too fazed.