Sunday, November 16, 2008

The great outdoors

The great thing about California is the ability to enjoy the outdoors and all it offers. I'm determined to give the girls an appreciation for nature.

Last weekend, we took the girls up to Tahoe, where they got to see it snow for the first time.

Today, I took the girls on their first hike to the Edgewood County Park in San Mateo County. The girls said they had a good time because, "We got to play with sticks and get dirty!"

Katherine even did a full-on belly flop into some mud by mistake. Rather than cry, she shook it off and kept on hiking. I was very proud of her!

Here are some photos from our adventures:

The girls made a snowman.

Hanging out in front of the cabin.

Checking the trail map with their sticks.


Mountain fever made them silly!

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