Sunday, January 12, 2014


We all have to learn sometime.  Even those of us who do it more than we should had to start at the beginning.

I'm talking about eating.  Something we take for granted, yet there is nothing like a 17-month old to teach you how difficult learning to eat can be.

Not that Harrison learning to eat is an unpleasant experience.  Harrison has taken to it willingly, so much so that he often refuses to each anything you offer him unless you set it in front of him and hand him a utensil.

I would mind so much really, if it weren't for the fact that it now take longer for him to eat, and I'm always worried that he's not getting enough to eat.  It makes me wonder how in the world we ever taught twin girls how to eat!

In any case, Harrison is happy during mealtime -- eating like a "big boy" and making a mess as he learns to use fork, spoon, and bowl!  Bon Appetit!

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