Monday, May 23, 2005

Week 26 Update

Terri had a doctor's appointment today. The Babies are doing well. The heartbeats are strong, and they are right where they should be in terms of weight and size.

Most exciting is the fact that the Babies are now strong enough where David can feel the Babies kicking when he places his hand on Terri's stomach. Before, Terri could feel them kicking (obviously), but David was unable to feel anything. Then, for a while, David could feel small waves or ripples. But now -- it's full-on beats that David can feel! Very exciting stuff.

The doctor told Terri that Week 28 is where they start to watch the twins more closely. Any contractions, and Terri is on bed rest. They will also begin to do stress tests to make sure the Babies are doing well. They will also monitor more closely the Babies growth, to make sure they are staying even with each other.

Our garage has started to look like the surplus warehouse for Babie 'R Us! We have two of everything -- two cribs, two baby seats, etc. etc. Thanks to the generosity of friends, however, we've gotten quite a bit of stuff on loan. Best were the cribs from my sister Suzi and her husband Bently, and the other crib from our friends Jose and Jenny.

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