Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Week 28 Update

Today marks the start of Week 28.

All is well. Terri is getting bigger, and sleep is more uncomfortable. But the babies are healthy and growing.

The babies are most active in the evening, after dinner, when we are sitting on the sofa. The babies are now big/strong enough that not only can David feel them kicking, but you can see Terri's stomach moving and pulsing as they move around!

We took a photo of Terri today -- see below.


We are taking some advise from our friends about how to help quiet the babies once they are born.

Our friend Cathleen Yonahara mentioned that she had a teddy bear that played a particular song. She would place the bear on her stomach while pregnant and play the song. When her baby was born, it was useful to help get her baby to calm down when fussy.

Thus, David made a CD of various lullaby's, and now each night when we go to bed we play the CD for the kids.

If this works, we owe Cathleen at least a lunch!

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