Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good Test Results

Hi Everyone,

We had another ultrasound on Friday and wanted to let you know that the
babies are continuing to do well.

Twin A weighs 4 lbs 9 oz and Twin B weighs 4 lbs 4 oz.

The weigh discrepancy is fine; Twin B has always weighed
a little less than Twin A. It isn't a problem until there is a 25%
disparity between the two weights.

Twin A is still breech.

We don't have any good pictures of the twins since it's getting harder and harder to
see things on the ultrasound as they run out of room. They both continue
to kick a lot and are very active especially after I eat some sweets or fruit.

Tomorrow marks the Beginning of Week 34 so we hope they stay in there
for another 3 more weeks to fatten up!

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