Saturday, July 30, 2005

Week 36 -- THE DATE IS SET!!

Exciting news! Our babies have a scheduled birth date!

Our final doctor's appointment and non-stress was held today. Both babies are fine, and passed their tests with flying colors.

Now for the exciting news -- the doctor has set the delivery date for Thursday, August 4, 2005.

Our original date was set about two weeks ago for Saturday, August 6. We kept that date quiet because the doctor said things could change based on scheduling at the hospital and the health of the babies and mother.

After examining Terri, the doctor decided to bump up the delivery date to August 4.

He said it so casually, "How is August 4th for you?" -- It's like we were scheduling an oil change for our car!


The delivery will be by cesarean section -- both babies are breech, and have been for a while, so we knew a C-section was probable.

On Wednesday, we have to go in for a pre-operation meeting with the anesthesiologist. Then Terri will have to stop eating on midnight the night before the C-section. We have a morning appointment, so if all goes well, the babies should be born before noon of August 6!


As expected, we are excited and a little nervous now that we have a "firm" date for the arrival of our new family members. But we are more excited than anything else, and are looking forward to next week.

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