Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sibling Rivalries, Part II ("Caroline Strikes Back")

A few weeks ago, I talked about "Sibling Rivalries", and described a situation in which Katherine took a toy away from Caroline.

Well, last week, Caroline had her revenge.

(click on photo for larger view)

If you look at the above photo closely, you will see that Caroline has in her left hand a set of plastic keys on a ring.

Just seconds before this photo was taken, Katherine had been happily playing with those keys.

Caroline isn't crawling yet, but she's become very adept at moving around by rolling on her side to get to where she wants to go.

In this case, she saw Katherine playing with "her" keys (Caroline plays with those keys a lot).

Caroline, with no small effort, rolled from her back to her stomach, and from her stomach to her back, until she was within striking distance of Katherine.

Daddy, meanwhile, watched to make sure no one would get hurt, but otherwise kept out of it.

Caroline executed her last roll from her back to her stomach, until she was face to face with Katherine.

Caroline then deftly plucked the key rings out of Katherine's hand.

Then, ninja-like, Caroline executed a stomach-to-back roll away from Katherine, safely clutching the purloined keys in her left hand.

Katherine, as you can guess, began to howl almost immediately.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the complete essence of the moment.

You see, Katherine has a much more mellow disposition than Caroline.

As soon as I opened the camera, and the lens made it's whirring noise as it opened, Katherine stopped crying, and looked at the camera with interest.

Thus, the photo above doesn't do justice to the fact that sibling rivalries are alive and well in the Lim household!


Lest you think all the girls do is fight over toys, however, I offer you this photograph, in which Caroline and Katherine cooperated long enough to give me quite a lovely recital with this tambourine:

Live in Concert: One Night Only.
(click on photo for larger view)

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Amy75 said...

Yeah, Caroline! Way to go. As a younger sister, I'm pulling for you. But don't tell Katherine, I'm afraid she'll come steal one of my toys!