Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stop the Presses!

Some days I wonder why we spend so much money buying toys for the girls.

Today was one of those days.

I had the girls early in the morning, and we were sitting in their room, their toys all around them:

Playing with the expensive stuff.
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As you can see, the girls were having a fine time playing with some of their more expensive toys, but after about 15 minutes they began to get restless.

I held Katherine when she became particularly fussy, but after less than a minute, she was squirming to get off my lap.

The focus of her attention?

Not any of the $25+ toys strewn across the floor of their room.

Instead, Katherine had locked onto the newspaper I had brought into the room and dropped into the corner.

I put her on the ground, and she crawled quickly to the newspaper.

She grabbed the front page, manipulated it in her hands, then began to wave it madly in the air. Within a few minutes she had reduced the front page to scrap paper.

So much for reading the front page!
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I watched her closely, to make sure she didn't start to eat the paper. As soon as she started to put any part of the paper towards her mouth, I'd take the paper, wad it into a ball, and toss it out of the room.

Katherine, of course, thought this was the greatest game I'd ever played with her.

Within about 10 minutes we'd pretty much destroyed the Saturday paper:

"First Amendment? I just like the way the paper sounds when I wave it in the air!"
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However, I'm glad to see that Katherine takes such an interest in the written word. Granted, she's not yet of the stature of her namesake, Katharine Graham, but it's a start.

Caroline, if you're wondering, isn't into newspapers. She loves to play with envelopes, but that's a story for another day:

Mail Call for Caroline
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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I can always get mine to stop screaming by giving them junk mail.