Monday, June 05, 2006

Ten Months Old

The girls turned ten months old yesterday.

They are now so big, they can reach into our kitchen trash can.

I know it seems strange to measure your childrens' growth by their ability to reach into a trash can, but I do.

You see, when I baby-proofed the house a few months back, the trash can seemed so tall, I figured there was no way EVER the girls would be able to reach into it.

Now, however, after Terri has caught Katherine digging into the trash, we find ourselves devising ways to "baby-proof" our trash can.

Where has the time gone?

How do you baby-proof a trash can?/span>
(click on photo for larger view)


Marine Wife said...

You either put it under the sink or you get a can with a lid that the girls haven't figured out yet. In any case, congratulations for having such beautiful and curious girls!

Amy75 said...

Maybe they're hungry. Fred does that sometimes when I forget to cook dinner :)