Tuesday, August 22, 2006

County Fair

I love the Fair.

It's strange, because growing up I don't recall going to the fair that often, maybe once or twice.

In college, UCLA had an annual carnival called Mardi Gras, that raised money for UCLA's official charity, UniCamp. I was involved in UniCamp every year, so I helped out with Mardi Gras. Maybe that's why I like the fair so much.

In any case, I love the smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and deep fried dough permeating the air.

I like to browse the agriculture and cooking displays and see what entries won the blue, red and white ribbons.

I like to find out what 70's or 80's down-on-their-luck, one-hit-wonder band has sunk so low that they are relegated to performing on the county fair circuit (This year: Tower of Power and REO Speedwagon).

Each year at the county fair I allow myself my yearly corn dog, and man, is it good!

This year my annual trip to the fair was obviously more exciting because Katherine and Caroline came along for their first experience with the fair.

I actually set my expectations fairly low for the girls. I figured they might be overwhelmed by the noise, the bright lights, the crowds. So I told myself not to be too disappointed if we ended up having to leave within 15 minutes of arriving.

Turns out I needn't have worried. These are my girls, after all.

Caroline and Katherine LOVED the fair.

The crowds, noise, and lights fascinated them. Carloine leaned forward in her stoller seat for most of the time, trying to take it all in. Katherine, more relaxed, nonetheless swiveled her head in all directions, looking from new experience to new experience.

In the home arts exhibits, which was held in a giant convention hall, the girls got a kick at the acoustics generated by being in such a large hall. The girls yelled and laughed just to hear their own echos bound off the walls and ceilings. They also loved the multi-colored patterns on the quilt exhibits, and kept trying to reach out and touch the various exhibits.

Terri and I shared a funnel cake, and I had my corn dog, or course.

But the best part of the night was at the carnival games, where Terri utilized her skills in throwing a ping-pong ball into a fish bowl to win a larged teddy bear for the girls. It was perfect, as now the girls will have a momento of their first trip to the county fair!

The Lim Family at the Fair.
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Caroline enjoying the sights and sounds of the fair.
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Mommy Victorious! (The girls are distracted by some other game and wouldn't look in my direction)
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TicTac To said...

mmmmm....deep fried dough....

Amy said...

Laughing about the corn dogs...While I have sworn off eating school lunches, no matter how "nutritious" they may be now, I make one exception--corn dog day. It occurs about three times a school year, and I do plan to indulge each time.