Thursday, August 10, 2006


Does an exclamation count as a first word?

The girls have picked up their first meaningful expression. The expression is, "Uh-oh!"

The girls say it beautifully, with the right intonationPerhapsps even more impressive, they use it in the proper context.

Drop their bottle on the floor? "Uh-oh!"

Pull a pile of newspapers off the table? "Uh-oh!"

Fall on their butt while trying to walk? "Uh-oh!"

Katherine and Caroline both started using the word at exactly the same time.

We can only guess that the girls picked up the exclamation in day care, because Terri and I don't use the expression at home that often. I'm ashamed to admit that our expressions, despite our best efforts, tend to be, shall we say, more "colorful".

We should be grateful, then, that "Uh-oh!" is the only exclamation they've picked up.

So if you come to our house, you are likely to hear the following sounds in order throughout the day:

  1. Little feet on the pattering on the floor; then
  2. The sound of plastic cups or wooden chairs or margarita bottles or [insert any common household object not bolted down and standing less than three feet off the ground] crashing to the ground; then
  3. "Uh-oh!"

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Tracy said...

Those were the first "official" words uttered in our household, too. Eugene and Olivia have added a few more since then to their vocabulary, however, "Uh-oh" is still a favorite and used most frequently throughout the day!

It also has become quite a handy word to notify us when, for example, the all important blankie has been accidentally thrown out of the crib at naptime or bedtime!