Wednesday, February 07, 2007

YAY!! for the Electrician!

I wrote some time back about Caroline's fascination with plummers. The fascination, it turns out, extends to electricians.

We had an electrician in the house this morning to do some upgrades to our house. I stayed home with the girls for a few hours so that he could do the job.

The twins were fascinated with him. For one, he had a big tool belt with all sorts of neat, shiny objects. Second, he was working behind an electrial outlet that is forbidden territory for the girls. So for much of the morning they stood close by and watched his every move.

The electrician was having a tough time "fishing" wire from behind one of the walls, and spent a good hour trying to "fish" the wire out from behind the wall. After much grumbling, he finally managed to snag the wire and pull it up into position, and which point he exclaimed, "Got it!"

To which the girls replied, in unison, "YAY!" and began clapping their hands for him.

The electrician actually stopped work, turned to the girls, and gave a bow.

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