Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!

A huge developmental step in the life of the Lim Twins this evening. Disturbing, yet huge.

The girls have been pushing each other, and fighing over toys and attention for quite a while now. But up until tonight, the pushing and fighting has been one-sided -- one twin pushing the other, and the other coming to Mommy and Daddy crying about the injustices in life.

Tonight, however, the girls went TOE-TO-TOE in a pushing contest royale. Right in front of me, to boot.

It started innocently enough. Caroline had a toy. Katherine wanted it.

Katherine tried to take it by pushing Caroline.

Up until tonight, the usual response would have been Caroline crying towards me, pleading for intervention.

Not tonight.

When Katherine pushed Caroline, Caroline took a step back but she didn't fall.

She looked Katherine in the eye.

Then she pushed Katherine back.

Katherine didn't fall. She looked Caroline back in the eye, and pushed Caroline even harder.

The girls then locked arms and began to tug and grunt at each other, simulteouly trying to push each other over and grab at the toy.

I sat there, jaw on the ground, less then a foot from each, watching my two angels struggle for possession of the toy.

It was their first fight (that I've witnessed), and I was fascinated, horrified, and amused by it.

All I could think of was that ring announcer at boxing matches, Michael Buffer, and his famous phrase:

"Let's get ready to rummmbbblllllllllllllle!"

Where's Michael Buffer when you need him?

Breaking up the fight was almost as funny as watching the girls get into the fight.

As I do for all resolutions of conflict between the girls, I made them hug each other.

It was the coldest, non-genuine hug I think two 20-month old girls could give to one another. They hugged each other at arm's length, and refused to make eye-contact.

Luckily, any worries I had about hard feelings ended five minutes later when I saw them were pushing each other around on their cars laughing as if they'd been best friends all night.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
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Amy75 said...

Where was the video camera?!? That totally could have been on Pay-Per-View!