Monday, March 05, 2007

A Snotful of Parenthood

Parenthood in a nutshell this morning:

Your child (Caroline in this case) will save her most green, sticky snot for a time when you have absolutely no kleenex, napkins, or newspaper in your car.

Then, your child (i.e., Caroline) will wait until you are halfway across a bridge, so that you will have no place to pull over, stop, or slow down.

Then, and only then, will she (the aforementioned Caroline) sneeze.

She (have I mentioned this is Caroline?) will then proceed to wipe a huge booger on the back of her hand.

She (Caroline!) will then cry loudly until you reach back your hand and take the booger off of her hand and onto your hand.

You will then proceed to drive across the remainder of the bridge with one hand, while holding a handful of snot in the other.

Your girls (Caroline & Katherine) will meanwhile begin happily singing in the back seat of the car.

That is when you, as a parent, don't mind the snot in your hand so much.


Amy75 said...

Hey, At least she's not eating it : )

TicTac To said...

what is it w/ kids and snot? we had a booger incident at our house today as well...