Friday, May 04, 2007

No Raccoons Served Here

We have a new bedtime ritual in the Lim household.

Ever since we moved back into our house following our remodel over a year ago, a family of three raccoons moved back in with us. They come almost every night to our back patio door and feed off any scraps of food which our cat Tabby has left in her bowl.

Thanks to our free nightly buffet, the raccoons are now pretty good-sized.

Caroline and Katherine never really paid much attention to them -- until about a month ago.

About four weeks ago the girls were suddenly VERY aware of our nightly visitors, and VERY scared of them.

I can't say I blame them. The raccoons standing on their hind legs are taller than the girls are.

The site of a raccoon coming to our back patio door (and triggering our motion sensor lights) will send both girls scrambling up our legs and into our arms no matter where we are in the house.

So now, before the girls go to bed, they take us by the hand, and lead us around to both the patio door and the side door. They look out the doors, peer into the darkness, then turn to us and very solemnly state:

"No raccoots."

The kitchen is closed.
(Click on photo for larger view)

If the raccoons just happen to actually be at the doors when the girls do their rounds, well . . . let's just say bedtime is postponed for a little bit!


Amy75 said...

I completely understand the girls on this one! I'm terrified of racoons. I used to love my stuffed toy racoon when I was little. They were my favorite animals until I saw a real one. They are so scary to me. In French they're called: "raton laveur" - which means "cleaning rat" - that's right RAT!

Mir said...

Oy, 'coons are better than possums, though! Although, I'm sure both are scary to little ladies.

Our cats, for some reason have befriended a 13-15 lb possum!! He's disgusting.