Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Anti-Linus

God looks after little children and foolish fathers.

Last night Caroline spit up while going to sleep. Nothing major, but enough that she got a little bit on her blanket.

This evening, Daddy remembered that he needed to wash Caroline's blanket, and dutifully placed it in the washing machine.

However, Daddy forgot to look at the clock, because he started the load of laundry after 7:00 pm, meaning the blanket was not available come bedtime.

Mommy placed a different blanket into Caroline's bed, and we prayed that Caroline might not notice her blanket was missing.

So at bedtime, the lights are out, Caroline has her milk, her stuffed monkey, and an entirely different blanket in her bed.

Here's what happened:

Caroline lays down. Daddy sits on the edge of the bed, barely breathing.

Caroline starts to drink her milk.

Caroline sits up.

She looks at monkey.

She looks around the bed.

She lifts up her pillow and looks under the pillow.

She leans over and looks over the edge of her bed.

Caroline: Daddy?

Daddy: Yes, Caroline?

Caroline: Blanket?

Daddy: I don't know where your blanket is. (Note: Daddy is so scared, he's lying to his daughter!)

Caroline: Daddy?

Daddy: Yes, Caroline?

Caroline: Blanket. (a little more forcefully this time).

Daddy: Okay. Here's the truth. It's in the wash. Daddy is cleaning it. It will be back tomorrow. Here's a nice blanket Mommy got for you. Isn't it nice?

Caroline stares at Daddy for an eternity (actually about five seconds).

Caroline picks up the replacement blanket. Caroline rubs her face in the new blanket.

Caroline: Nice!

Caroline lays down and falls asleep.

Daddy sneaks outside and drinks a beer.


Amy said...

Good for you! We made the same mistake with Baylee and told her her blankie was taking a bath. She just screamed, "I hab (have) it!" Which really means, get the damned thing NOW!

Parent415 said...

You are soooooo lucky. We couldn't find Fetch Puppy before bed tonight, and I had this moment of PANIC thinking that maybe Quincy had left it at summer camp. Fortunately, we found Puppy in the living room. It would have been so awkward if the police had caught me breaking into his summer camp looking for a stuffed dog...

Marine Wife said...

ooh, boy, did you luck out! But we've been lucky, too, our girls never got too attached to any one object for very long.

Eileen said...

So funny. I was wondering if I should wash our baby's bear, named appropriately "stinky bear". It's getting a little fungal, but I don't want to ruin it's magical mojo. Have you read "Knuffle Bunny"? Great kids book from Brooklyn.