Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time for College Football

College football season is my favorite sports season of the year. And by "College football season" I really mean, UCLA Football Season!

Two weekends ago we went to the "Stanford Fan Fest" to check out the new Stanford Stadium. We also were hoping to score some free goodies and free food for the girls (feeding twins is expensive, you know!)

Being a UCLA fan, I couldn't go to the "Stanford Fan Fest" without decking the girls out in their best UCLA gear. Terri talked me out of wearing my UCLA shirt, claiming, "The football players will KILL you!"

Turns out she may have been right. While taking the first photo below, I had the audacity to ask a Stanford football player alum to take a photo for us. He looked at the girls' t-shirts, then said, "Not until they take off those shirts." He wasn't smiling when he said it, but he took the photo anyway.

Dressed for the Bruins at the Stanford Fan Fest.
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By the way, Stanford's home opener on September 1 is against -- The UCLA Bruins.

Go Bruins!

Here is another photo from the Fan Fest, plus a photo of the girls wearing their Dodger hats. Katherine always insists on wearing her hat in "rally mode" for some reason . . .

UCLA will be running back their touchdowns that way --->.
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Go Dodger Blue!
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