Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Built "Ford" Tough

Last week the girls were playing their new favorite game, "Hide 'N Go Seek". Katherine had run into their bedroom, while Caroline stayed out in the family room with me, counting.

Unfortunately, the girls are not yet entirely clear on the concept of "Hide 'N Go Seek", because as soon as Caroline stopped counting and started to run into the bedroom, Katherine immediately left her hiding place and ran out towards the family room.

Caroline turned the corner to the hallway leading to the bedroom just as Katherine turned the same corner coming from the opposite direction. Both were running at full speed.

The result was a spectacular collision that sent both girls falling backwards onto our hardwood floor.

Now, I'll admit that as a father of twins, I've become pretty good at not overreacting to falls. With twins, someone is always falling, and you can't be there to catch them all the time.

But this fall got me up pretty quick. First, it sounded loud. Second, both girls literally fell backwards onto their backs from the force of the collision.

Naturally, both girls were crying hysterically.

I picked both girls up, kissed them, consoled them, and got them their "owie" ice packs.

I watched them closely to make sure they weren't more seriously hurt.

Then, about one minute later, I took the photo below. I'll let you decide if they were badly hurt from their collision.

Ready to start playing again.
(Click on photo for larger view)

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