Sunday, September 30, 2007

All Aboard!

Every day when I take the girls to school, we see the local commuter train pass us by. The girls get very excited, and every day they ask me, "Daddy, go on train?"

So this weekend, we took the girls to the Zoo to ride the train. They had a blast.

Riding on the Little Puffer Steam Train.
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Katherine and Mom on the train!
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Caroline consulting her map just before the train ride.
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We also went to see the bears. Katherine is going through a faze where she does not like to get too close to see the animals, which explains this "back up!" look on her face in this photo.

Too close to the animals for Katherine's comfort.
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I also got this cool shot of some grizzly bears:

Grizzly Bears.
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Amy75 said...

That's an awesome shot of the bears! Looks like a nice family outing ;)