Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tough Love Works . . . Sometimes

Just when you think you can't do anything right as a father and that your kids have totally gained control of the household, things like the last two nights happen.

The scene: I am putting Caroline to bed. Caroline gets in bed, but then plays with her book, plays with her stuffed animals, or sits up to look around the room.

Both nights, after about five minutes of this, I've looked at her with my most serious expression, and with my sternest voice I've said, "Enough. Caroline, lay down, go to sleep." I then kiss her and tell her one more time, "Good night. Time for bed."

Both nights, Caroline has rolled over and fallen asleep without a protest or a wimper.

I am, like, the best Dad ever.

(Or at least until tomorrow night when she keeps me up until midnight.)


Amy said...

Are y'all in big-kid beds? This is my new obsession, as I guess we'll be making the (forced) transition soon.

Good for you for having a couple of good nights. I'll keep my fingers crossed for more.

David Lim said...

The girls have been in regular twin sized beds since January. Isn't it funny what transitions are easy, and which aren't? They moved from cribs to beds on their own initiative, yet the move to get them off of milk sippy cups at night was like pulling teeth.

Congrats to your Tigers, by the way. I'm rooting for them since the Bruins have tanked this season.