Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Hate Caillou

Okay, "hate" is a strong word. Let's just say Caillou bugs the heck out of me right now.

"Caillou" for those who don't know is a cartoon show about a four year-old kid on PBS. Here he is:

I think he's French-Canadian. I'm pretty sure he's Canadian, and with a name like "Caillou" I just assume he's got some French heritage in there.

Anyway, Caillou is the new favorite show for the girls, having recently supplanted "Sesame Street."

What annoys me most about Caillou is that the kid rarely throw a temper tantrum. And the kid always listens to his parents after they tell him something once.

An example:

Caillou: I want to play with my car!

Mommy: It's time for bed now Caillou. Why don't we put your car on your table, and it will be there when you wake up.

Caillou: Okay, Mommy!

In our house, this same scenario would play out this way:

Caroline: I want to play with my car!

Daddy: It's time for bed now Caroline. Why don't we put your car on your table, and it will be there when you wake up.

Caroline: No! I want my car! Go away, Daddy!

Now before one of you with no child or a degree in child behavioral development points out to me that the point of "Caillou" is to model correct behavior in children, let me say: I know, I know.

But it still doesn't mean I have to like the agreeable little you-know-what.


Parent415 said...

As someone with a son born on Canada Day, I resent all your Canada bashing! ;-)
Quincy is currently into The Muppets. It's so awesome, because it's the first time he's liked a show that I truly enjoy. "What's that, Quincy? You want to watch your third Muppets episode today? Well, OK, but Mommy's just going to have to keep sitting here with you. In case you, um, need me for anything..."

TicTac To said...

Hilarious, only b/c I can't stand this kid either. He precedes Teletubbies on KQED (which I could also go on and on about...) so I'm always forced to watch about 2 minutes of this whiny, bald, don't-want-to-share-toys, losing hamsters nightmare of a child. If you could shoot an animated character, this kid would be on my chopping block. Love, TicTac's mom

Marine Wife said...

I can't stand how whiny he is. I have enough whine in my life without Cailliou! I managed to avoid letting my kids see him. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

Dan and I hate Caillou, too. He's a whiny little sh**. And where the heck is his hair? For goodness sake, even Rosie has a full head of hair and she's younger than he is! Hope all is well.

Amy75 said...

Caillou ("Pebble") must be French-Canadian because if he was straight-up French he'd go on strike if his mommy took away his car. Oh, and he'd be smoking.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Caillou is a bald skinhead.

Ours only started watching recently but Caillou is RAPIDLY going down the bad side of the mountain with me – it is full of hidden messages!

Why are the little Asian girls dressed in traditional Oriental near servant clothes?!
Why when visitor Alan (who has Down Syndrome) visits does Alan have to be a “Bad Dragon” tamed by Caillou?!
Why does the father keep telling the two black twins – wow I can’t tell you people apart?!!
Why when they pretend to be animals is the little black girl – a monkey? Of all things!