Monday, December 17, 2007

Preschool Holiday Party

The girls had their preschool holiday party, and was it ever a crazy scene. Hundreds of children running around juiced up on sugar and holiday cheer.

The girls had a good time. This is the first year they really "get" the whole holiday scene. Other than some crying when they first got up on stage (see video clips, below), the girls enjoyed running around, watching the older kids perform, and eating lots and lots of sugar.

The party ended late for the girls -- about 8:00 pm. I thought they'd fall asleep on the way home, but they were a bundle of energy after their pizza and cookies. They got home and kept on partying until about 11 pm, two hours past their bedtime.

It was a quiet Saturday morning in the Lim household!

Here are some video clips from the girls' holiday party.

** WARNING: Unless you are: 1) A Grandparent; or 2) A family member of one of the kids in the video; these videos are pretty dull. Nothing exciting happens in them, so you may want to skip them unless you are in one of the above categories.

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