Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Fun and Big Big Big Stuffed Animals

This summer was full of fun activities for the girls.  They did more swimming than they ever have, and they enjoyed their time at "Camp G" and other fun activities.

Our big trip for the summer was a week in San Diego with Grandma and Grandpa and the Cousins.

We also came home with a new family member.  Here is his photo:

This animal is BIG.  HUGE.  It's a giant purpose hippo-dinosaur thingy.  It's incredibly soft, and Caroline has been sleeping on it since it came home with us.

Caroline is the one who won it.  It happened at LEGOLAND on the "Raptor Climb",which is one of those carnival games where you have to climb a rope ladder and ring a bell without flipping off:

Caroline somehow convinced me that she could to it, and darned if she wasn't right!

We are proud of her, and glad to have "Hippy" as our new family member!

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