Monday, December 21, 2015

Do You Like My Hat? Nope.

One of the joys of having a toddler is to watch for those magic moments.  

First steps.  First words.  You get the idea. 

Often overlooked but no less exciting is that magic moment of -- First Book. 

By "First Book" I mean that moment where a child takes ownership of their first book that they REALLY, REALLY LIKE.  I mean they will have you read that thing to them a hundred times, then one more time just for good measure. 

They will memorize that book until they believe they ARE reading it.  

Dozens of new words get learned through the magic of this "First Book." 

For Harrison, that moment arrived two weeks ago, with the discovery of "Go Dog.  Go!" 

Harrison LOVES this book.  He giggles at the sight of "Big dogs going up."  (The roller coaster)

He loves the photo of the angry dog umpire.  

Best of all, he like the "Hello!  Do you like my hat?"   In the book, the other dog answers, "No.  I do not like that hat."  But Harrison loves to answer with a short, crisp, "Nope".   He also loves to drawl out the "Hello!" into a nice long "Helloooo!"  

Of course, the thrilling ending of the book is the all exciting DOG PARTY at the top of the tree.  Harrison enjoys laughing and pointing at all the dogs at the dog party, and will sit at the end of the book pointing out the yellow dog, blue dog, green dog, etc. and laughing at their antics. 

The First Book is magical.  And Harrison has his First Book! 

After all, who doesn't love a good Dog Party? 

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