Saturday, August 13, 2005

August 11, 2005 - First Bath

The kids had their first sponge bath outside of the hospital this morning.

Terri bathed Caroline.

David bathed Katherine.


Friends have been asking us is we do anything special to help keep track of the twins. The answer is really, "No, we don't." However, we do have to make sure we keep track of their bottles in order to track how much each baby is eating at this point. See our labeling system, below:

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Anonymous said...

First bath... wasn't that the most wondrous and scariest experience you had?? They seem so frail when you are trying to wipe their tiny fingers, toes, face, etc...yet they have all the right parts!!! You'll have many more firsts to experience, so keep a good log of it like you guys are doing... First smiles, first tooth, first explosive poops, etc... :)