Wednesday, August 17, 2005

August 17, 2005 - Typical Parents

I've become the parent I swore I wouldn't.

You know the parent. The one who won't stop talking about their kids.

The one who takes photos of their babies first poop.

The one who calls a poop a "poop" to begin with!

The one who wants to save the umbilical cord when it falls off.

And the one who, if not stopped, will go on and on and on to friends about all of the above, and MORE -- to the utter horror and boredom of those friends.

But having become that parent, I offer no apologies whatsoever!


In the years "BP" (before parenting), I was one of those friends of parents who politely listened while my friends who had kids went on and on about their children.
"Really? He spit up all by himself? Fascinating!"

And I understood it. After all, Terri and I knew we wanted to be parents someday. And we could only pray that the level of love and attention our friends showed their kids would be the same level of love and attention we heaped upon our children.

But what I did promise myself is that I would not talk endlessley to my friends about my babies. I would keep all the minute details of my babies life to myself, and not risk boring my friends with a minute by minute blow of my childs' developement.


As I said, all that was pre-babies.

Now, I must warn my friends -- if you call or if we meet on the phone, expect me to go on and on and on.

If prompted or encouraged, I will tell you in detail every aspect of my childrens' life up to the last time I saw them (if I'm holding one of them, I will describe their facial expressions, their burps, and their farts to you).

No attempts at self-control will be made.

Of course, I will leave it up to you to change the subject.

If you do point out that I've talked for 20 minutes without taking a breath about the babies, I will apologize profusely, then ask you how you are doing.

After listening to your answer, I will then, of course, proceed to talk, again, about the babies!

I apologize to all my friends in advance. This addiction should run it's course in about 15-18 years!

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Anonymous said...

The fact that you are posting a very well written, coherent, and detailed blog about your kids at 6:32 a.m. is definitely a sign that you have entered the black hole of parenthood and that any sign of your former pre-babies self is gone forever. Congratulations. Isn't it great?