Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Baby Bjorn Haiku

Katherine and Caroline love their Baby Bjorn.

For those non-parent readers, the Baby Bjorn is a pouch-like devise which allows you to carry your baby on your chest, while keeping your arms free to eat cake, work a T.V. remote, or type a blog!

Katherine with Mommy in Baby Bjorn
(click on photo for larger view)

When the girls were first born, we had a "knockoff" carrier.

Similar to the Baby Bjorn, but definitely NOT the Baby Bjorn.

The girls hated it.

It had hard plastic clips that the girls would bang their head into, and it wasn't very secure.

So Terri's sister found us a good deal on two Baby Bjorns. We put the girls into them, and have never looked back.

In homage to the Baby Bjorn, I present you -- "BABY BJORN HAIKU"


**Haiku: A traditional form of Japanese poetry, a traditional haiku consists of a pattern of approximately 5, 7, and 5 paragraph on separate lines. The haiku does not traditionally rhyme.

Swedish carrier,
Keeps baby secure and safe;
Looking all around.

Snug fitting holder;
Caroline sleeps on my chest;
You are a Godsend!

Fussy Katherine
Wants to watch the world go by;
Safely strapped to Dad.

Baby cries and cries;
Strap on the Baby Bjorn.
Baby falls asleep!

Caroline Sleeping in Baby Bjorn
(click on photo for larger view),

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