Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Politics and Baby Talk

Tonight is election night in California.

I want my girls to be well-versed in current events and relevant social issues, so from time to time, I'll talk to them about various issues.

Here's a real discussion I had with Katherine the other night (and if you think I'm joking, you're not a parent!):

Daddy: "Katherine, what do you think of the new Supreme Court Nominee, Samuel Alito?"

Katherine: [Blank stare]

Katherine Listening to Daddy's Political Rantings

Daddy: "Some say that he's a conservative ideologue, while others say he'll follow the precedent set by past Court cases. What are your thoughts?"

Katherine: [Waves her arms in the air, hitting herself in the eye]

Daddy: "There are those who say the Constitution is a 'living, breathing document' to be interpreted in the context of relevant social issues of our time. Others argue a 'strict interpretation' to the Constitution, reading only what the Founding Fathers would have placed into the document. What do you think?"

Katherine: [Sneezes in my face]

Daddy: "I agree. I'd support any candidate who can provide you a cleaner, drier diaper."

Katherine: [Spits up and smiles]

I guess I shouldn't send the check off to Harvard just yet!

Caroline is a big supporter of the "full bottle" platform.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your babies have a much smarter Daddy than mine do. Our conversations go more like this:

Daddy: Hey, bud!

Baby: [screams like a pterodactyl]

Daddy: You're so right.

Baby: [makes THBBBT noises]

Daddy: Oh, I agree.

Baby: [bounces up and down)

Daddy (imitating Sybil Fawlty): Oh, I know!

Baby: [recites a string of random consonants]

Daddy: I don't believe your thesis is fully supportable by facts in evidence.

Which is, I'm embarrassed to admit, the same conversation I used to have with my cat.