Thursday, December 29, 2005


The girls started day care this week. It's been harder for Mom & Dad than it has been for the girls.

Last week the girls went part-time for three days just to get used to the environment. Yesterday the girls did a half day all on their own, and today they did a full day by themselves.

David drops them off and picks them up. The ratio in the day care is no more than one teacher for every four babies. The girls are in the "infant" room, which is all babies before they can walk. Babies who learn to walk graduate to the "toddler" room, and then on to the 2 year old room, etc., etc.

The girls love day care! They have not cried much since getting there, and they seem to enjoy the new environment and looking at all the other babies.

Sorry, no photos -- in his haste to get out the door, Daddy forgot to take his camera to the day care!

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Amy said...

Glad the girls took to daycare so well! I'm sure it makes it easier for you!

Geaux Tigers! (writing at half-time)