Thursday, December 29, 2005

Eeyore on Steroids

For Christmas, the girls got this Eeyore hand puppet.

Now Playing, Two Nights Only in the Lava Lounge: Eeyore!
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Being a fan of Disney cartoons and A.A. Milne's books, I know Eeyore as the gloomy donkey from Winnie the Pooh stories. So of course, when I portrayed Eeyore to the girls, I gave them a faithful representation of the gloomy, sardonic donkey.

It would be an understatement to say that the girls were not interested one bit in a gloomy sock puppet.

I was tempted to put Eeyore aside forever, and move on to something else more likely to amuse my girls for a few minutes.

However, for some reason, I decided to stick with Eeyore -- with some modifications.

Throwing away the historical incarnation of Eeyore's character, my Eeyore hand puppet became a singing, dancing donkey.

The girls LOVED him. They squealed and laughed out loud as Eeyore performed song and dance routines to all the latest nursery rhymes for them.

However, I soon ran out of nursery rhymes.

I needed a new song, one that could last a long time.

Thus, Terri entered the room to see Eeyore dancing and singing, "75 bottles of beer on the wall, 75 bottles of beer . . . "

"What are you doing?" asked Terri.

"Nothing," I replied. "But Eeyore is singing and dancing for the girls. Look, they love him!"

"Great," said Terri. "The kids love a donkey on steroids singing about beer."

Yep, those are my girls!

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Amy75 said...

I'm happy you found the inner-Eeyore (and that you taught me how to spell it). Poor little donkey has been dying all these years to sing and dance! Who knew?!?!